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United States
Lived in China, now I live in Hawaii. That's all you need to know about me.


Got fantasy/steampunk/sci-fi/supernatural/cyberpunk/generally badass characters who are needin' a soundtrack to their life?

I got you covered.

I've already found some for my own characters.

We've got Maaht:


Hell, even Elliot gets himself a song worthy of a sky-pirate captain:

And hey, here's another treat, not by the same musicians, that I had to pay money for so I could upload onto youtube just for you guys because it is not anywhere else on the whole dang internet.

Kier's song, even though he doesn't get to listen to any music:

Enjoy, suckers.


Journal Entry: Sat May 11, 2013, 3:29 AM

 photo d052a3ac-57ff-420b-98c6-db485eb5da68_zps16216156.jpg
 photo 94df4595-28dc-4086-8605-873942b2dbca_zpsab6a6f42.jpg
 photo 08012535-f628-450b-93da-278d2d3bad6a_zps2146d577.jpg

I don't think you guys can appreciate how awful this is
I only know this guy because we work together
We have been on one date
He called me 13 times in one night
JUST because he was at the dance and wanted me to be there too
Why are all the guys interested in me crazyyyyy



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Um for like the 45834623614954678486479th time today
happy birthday :V
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Happy birthday too you,
Happy birthday too you,
I stole all your cake.

Love you!
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Happy [early] birthday!
This is your going to be your special day, It has finally come your way! I wish you to be happy whatever you do, and your bday to be lovely - exactly like you!
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